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Who we are ?

Chemico Paints (INDIA), established in the year 1987, is now a renowned brand in Indian chemical industry. It is one of the most reliable and capable Indian Trading and Manufacturing Firm in chemical business community. 

The philosophy of customer satisfaction and long-term business enables CPI to establish a solid business relationship with the leading suppliers and customers both in domestic and overseas. In addition, its ethical business practice has given us a name that inspires trust. Little wonder, we have biggest names from various industries as our clientele. This trust is earned brick by brick over many years of hard work and diligence. 

What we do ?

At CPI we innovate new ideas, we conceptualize new initiatives. We are consistent and promise to move ahead to accomplish the one thing we are known for : Minimize the “variance”

How we do ?

CPI Team is highly resourceful and formed a good blend of knowledge and expertise from multiple domains. We leverage, formulate and envision the solutions which are effective, synchronous and adds value. This is all for one purpose and by now you know it.


We leverage our efforts and resources to make an advantageous condition which can yield higher returns on relatively lower efforts and resources. Making use of extensive tools and domain knowledge, we can help you find a solution that delivers better and more.


Ideas are worth Thinking and taking that idea an extra mile transforms to a whole new world of solutions and opportunities. This is something we consistently strive for and enjoy working this way. Innovation is one of the few things that excites us all the time.


Our methodologies are focussed on creating synergies between the legacy systems and the new age systems.

We want to get the best of the worlds to establish a cohesive integration which can used to deliver the best possible solutions or help optimise the systems, applications and mechanism to the maximum.

In short, minimize the variances between what is being delivered and what best can be delivered.


We work as partners with you. We take ownership of what we do. We believe in building relationships and value them thereafter. We like to keep our promises intact and people happy. This is what we believe in and work for consistently. This is how we deliver