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At CPI, we are moving on with a clear vision and stable steps through various phases of development for creating a harmonically industrial infrastructure in the production of thinner, paints and modern coatings.

Quality Principles

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate was a true master stroke! It’s a result of an integrated manufacturing system powered by a number of employees who are obliged to keep up for an effective and efficient implementation of the quality and measurement regulations and also to systematically and constantly optimize the product quality and service. At CPI, we ensure the conformation of our quality principles with the international standards & specifications along with the customer’s demands.


At CPI, we mainly plan for maintaining materials and products while applying effective supervision, storage and supply in a way that satisfies optimum usage of all available resources like; labour, facilities and customer service funds through.

  • Ensuring supply of materials with the desired quantities at the right time to guarantee the flow of the production process with no stock recession.
  • Minimizing consumption according to the sales & production plan.
  • Achieving sales needs of specific product types and quantities.


SalesReaching most of the local geographical areas is our sales department main mission! We work on applying full control on all sales transactions to ensure satisfying our customer requests.

Covering large spots is an on going task that we can never give up! This process is undertaken through observing, directing and supervising the incoming sales orders and stating all available means for satisfying these orders.


Just as covering local market requests is our sales department main mission, exploring new foreign markets and establishing business spots there is an opportunity that we shouldn’t miss! Established in I987, CPI’s exports department is moving on with stable steps towards opening new market opportunities for the purpose of maintaining a promising future vision.


A constant organized purchasing system. We work on obtaining a documented and reliable system to ensure the correspondence of the purchased materials and tools with the standard requirements and specifications. Choosing the reliable suppliers is something that we carefully put into consideration through continuous evaluation and approval.

Resources Management

One of the company’s policies aims on specifying and planning for the necessary resources in order to implement the company’s strategies and achieving its objectives. This includes the needed resources for an effective implementation and continuous improvement for the quality system regardless of the type of these resources (Human - Financial - .... etc).


ProductionThe company guarantees providing a special product that fulfils and exceeds the customers’ demands.

This assurance is based upon setting a daily production plan which consists of a number of production orders to be implemented in a systematic and well organized way for the purpose of creating a highly productive atmosphere that helps in developing and enhancing the product’s quality.


Because we believe in customer satisfaction, our design phase is simply divided into 2 main phases; the initial design phase which aims at producing new products based on the desired requirements and specifications as well as the development phase which stresses on improving the on-going products to increase the efficiency of these products and ensure their matching with the customers’ requirements and the market specifications. This process is mainly done under the control of the specialized chemists.


Machines and equipment maintenance is a rather critical task that requires close observation and continuous inspection. At CPI, we closely work on a perfect implementation of this process which in turn helps in eliminating any defects or breakdowns as well as preventing unexpected failures which might occur to avoid any delay in the flow of the production process.

Human Resources

Human ResourcesIn an ever-tougher business climate, the human personnel are the key to remain competitive.

At CPI, we work on developing the efficiency of our employees through workshops, simulations, exhibitions participation to ensure a high performing and productive working environment.

Data Analysis & Problem Solving

Accurate monitoring on different working and technical methods is an important aspect to consider. Continuous data analysis and problem solving processes are undertaken through all the companies departments to measure the affectivity of various activities. Machines efficiency, tasks quality, customer satisfaction, materials & funds effectiveness, supply of resources, warehouses management, and many more are always under inspection.


Keeping and preserving our goods are essential steps which affect the products quality and in turn the service. Therefore, we stress on maintaining control over the conformity of the specimens and goods before storage as well as the methods used for storing these goods in order to prevent the damage of the stored goods.

Test & Inspection

Test & InspectionThe objective of this procedure is to establish a surveillance system over all the inspection and measuring devices in the company to verify that the quality of the product and the materials meet the company’s and standard specifications.

Our test and inspection process also aims at verifying that the supplied and running materials are well checked and examined to meet the company’s requirements as well as verifying that all of the company’s production has been checked and examined in a way that meets the customer’s demands, while setting the standards of the products approval.